I’ve already received care at a hospital in Korea, don’t worry, I’ll be all better soon. And I really thank you all for the care and love you’ve shown me, I’m very happy~ Recently I’ve just been a little unlucky, it will pass soon. Aren’t people all like this? I hope everyone won’t put the blame on the company or Law of the Jungle because of me~ They don’t wish for this kind of thing to happen either~ I really sincerely apologise for not attending today’s Meilishuo (fansign) event with the other members. In short, it’d be good if this period of time can pass quickly; though I am a bit tired, I am being loved by and cared for by those who love me; there is nothing more deserving, happier, and more heartwarming than this~ Thank you all. Who am I? TAO. Thanks.
trans: fy-exo | source: tao’s weibo
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